Calendar Of Events 2022

January                 No Meeting

February               No Meeting

March 21st           Chris Wiseman  “RAF Exeter from 1937 to 1945”

April 18th              No Meeting (Easter Monday)

May 16th               Andrew Saunders  “Post War Architecture in Exeter”

June 20th             Prof. Valerie Maxfield  “Buckfast Abbey & the                                                                                            Elgin Marbles"
July 18th               TBA

August 15th         Catherine Ross “From Sorcery to Super Computers”

September 19th   Gerry Parlby “The Tavistock Tudor Boat”

October 17th        Derek Gore  “The Kingdom of Dumnonia”

November 21st    AGM Members Evening

December             No Meeting

All meetings will be held at the Silverton Millennium Hall, commencing at 7:30 p.m